"Kingoftheworld" Tarafından Eklenen Konular

The Boy’s looking out for her, All the time,in everything he looks at, Reaching the reason, She’s not leaving at all,   Her love is poisoned, She never loved him, He dreamed the hall thing, He has his own world,   He don’t want a crown, Don’t want a kingdom, All he wants is a queen, Who can bring him the love he need..
When we were young,you look me like heaven, Your eyes were just stunning, I can find my way out,out of your heart but, Maybe im already lost…   In 2007 when i was determent, An you were an angel, Now your just acting like careless, Your eyes look so meanless..   After all the things we did, To each other,we could not together again, Again,never again, And we need to forget ..
Turn your head to me, Spread all your charm, Till we broke our liaison , Your grace is all in my mind,   I won’t leave this place again, This is where i want to be, Around you,far from myself, Far from human being,   Noone can feel this, More than my soul, Drown in that hole which has no bottom, This feeling made of pure intensity,   Gazing at you but i wont touch, You made me feel small in this town, I have no limits...
Straight out the window, Thats where i’ll go, I’m praying for you again..   Cold nights are older, But loneleyness is colder, I’m over,again..   Goodbye lonely, You’ll be more lonely without me, Your grave will be so empty; You’ll get me so late again..  

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